And Along Came Prestur!

On Sunday, July 13, I went down to check Komma at 11 PM and I discovered this. The last time Komma had been checked was an hour ago, so this first photo is as close as I’ve come to getting there at the “right” time. And forget about video.

I ran up to get Sarah and the camera. Fortunately the house is only about 100 yards from the barn. We watched in awe as our foal lay there on the ground studying his new world. It was almost as if he was making up has mind whether or not to stay. Komma lingered over him, impatiently encouraging him to get up with a few pokes of the hoof. She had had enough. He must definitely stay.

We went down early the next morning to see how the foal was doing. Typical scene, nursing from his mother.

But there was something, the way he placed his front foot…

We had a problem!

Now there was nothing we could do but call the vet and wait.

How serious was this? Would he need surgery? Would he always have a limp?

And he looks so cute… It crossed my mind that instead of a future riding horse,  at best I would have a lawn ornament, albeit a cute one for a while. All we could do now is wait.

Fortunately, the vet, Bernado, is our neighbor and he was as able to come right away. He also brought his stallside manner…

We, and I mean, “we”, made a splint and wrapped the foot. I could not film the process because I was holding the leg and extending the fetlock while Bernado wrapped.  Sorry about that.

We could see improvement and after 2 days, Bernado came back to see how Prestur was doing and if he needed to change the splint.

Now I knew I would have my riding horse!

Post Script — The morale of the story is call the vet right away. It would seem self-evident, but I got this note from a German friend:

Hi Stan!

Congratulations again. On Sunday you had the most beautiful foal of the world. Now you also have a healthy one! I am so glad.

In May someone called me to treat a foal which also has a contracted fetlock. Unfortunately this “foal” is already two years old. Isn´t it a crime to leave a foal with such a handicap for two years untreated?

I am so glad that Prestur is so well!!

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