An Icelandic in a Dressage World (He’s the little guy)

There was a long road from this

to where we were ready to take Thokki to his first show.  Let me explain….

We bred 2 Icelandic horses for our own riding.  They had been raised pretty much in the Icelandic tradition:  out in our however small herd with minimal human interaction.  When Thokki was 4 years old it was time to start him under saddle and Sarah chose Amanda Rossiter who was working with Trish Helmer and Michele Dineen at Shinto Farm, a dressage facility where Sarah had been riding her Lipizanner, Pluto Rosabella, “Rosie”.  A far cry from Icelandics! In fact, until we broached the subject, Amanda had never even seen an Icelandic horse.

We knew it would be a two stage approach: starting Thokki with an American and then taking him elsewhere for Icelandic gait training.

This video is of Thokki at 5 and taken to his first dressage competition, a training show at Mistover Farm.

And now it is time for him to learn Icelandic — how to tolt!  Here is his first lesson with Gudmar Petursson:



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